About the Series

I am jet-set on this journey we all call life. I travel far and wide within myself. My mode of transportation leads me to the places I was meant to be. And, although the destination remains untouched, my vehicle through life is forever changing, as am I. My stories take me from one automobile to the next. I am grateful for the events that act to fuel my existence because they allow me to find greatness in the rising and falling action that is my life. This time has been given to me with purpose. And, as I reason with my exploration of self, I no longer depict myself as a flimsy paper airplane. I am a craft of the sea and sky alike.


  1. I am so very proud of you, Alex ! just reading this intro I am excited to read
    Love you Lots
    Aunt Donna xo

    1. I am so happy you are enjoying my website/blog! Love you tones. Say hi to Granny and the other Toronto Aunties for me.

      Xo, Alexandria

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